the kid wiz.

I don’t even remember Kellyn taking this video, but this is me after waking up from be under anesthetics. lol I sound dumb

I’ll always remember the Thanksgiving we spent in the hospital. You were so young, and we were so hopeful. I miss you everyday.

I’ve become stronger.
But what does that mean?
Does it mean I don’t get hurt as easily?
Or does it just mean I can hide the pain better?

Tacos at Manuel’s!

Tacos at Manuel’s!

I saw an old friend today. She changed so much I almost thought she was a stranger, or maybe I’ve changed so much that I was the stranger.

Thanks Anka for everything you did for Khuong.

Hall & Oates, Sara Smile.

Walking this Saturday. Pretty much sums up how I feel. Let’s get it.